Sunglass Straps by Cotton Snaps Review

Sunglass Straps by Cotton Snaps

  • NA frame
  • NA lens
  • NA
  • Lens width: 35.5 inches
  • Patented Epoxy-Coated & Water-Resistant Magnetic Attachment for Ease of Use

You were just a few blocks from the beach when you came to the heart of town. Amidst endless blocks of old Victorian mansions, quaint restaurants with lines of patrons that wrapped around each corner, and nautical shops that you simply couldn’t wait to wander into, you spotted the bandstand. With its white picket trims, tiny turret roof, and rustic weathervane that turned ever-so-gently on top, it was obvious that this was where the evening’s celebration would begin. There were already families staking their claim with lawn chairs and beach blankets positioned on the grass just a few feet from where the band would play, and you decide rather quickly that you will check into your bed and breakfast down the street and forego the beach and shops until tomorrow. You want to drink in the Fourth of July festivities the way a local would – listening to the local band play a medley of patriotic tunes. You check into your suite with ease and rush down the block to carve out your spot in the center of town. Sitting down, with the sun shining brightly, you’re relieved that you haven’t left your sunglasses in the car – they are exactly where you need them, right around your neck. Sunglass Straps by Cotton Snaps, designed to affix to any pair of sunglasses and available in a variety of colorful, distinctive patterns. Made with pride in the USA.

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